Voltage monitoring relay in 3P

Selectable range 190-500V,
adjustable time delay 0.3-30s, 2 outputs

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  • It is used for monitoring voltage, phase failure, sequence, and asymmetry in the 3-phase network.
  • Wide range of monitored voltage with automatic selection of a low/ high range.
  • Fixed overvoltage level (Umax), adjustable Undervoltage level (Umin).
  • Adjustable time delay t2 (to eliminate short-term voltage drops and peaks).
  • Adjustable time delay t3 (to eliminate short-term OK state).
  • Adjustable asymmetry level with the option to turn it OFF.
  • Measures true root mean square value of the voltage – TRUE RMS.
  • Fault memory reset can be done by RESET button on the panel or by an external opening contact.

Technical parameters

  • Phase failure: Yes
  • Phase sequence: Yes
  • Adjustable overvoltage: No
  • Adjustable undervoltage: Yes
  • Asymmetry: Yes
  • Monitored range: AC 3 x 190 – 500 V
  • Output contact: 2x CO, 16 A
  • Housing:  3-MODULE
  • Power supply: monitored voltage
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65 mm (3.5˝ x 2˝ x 2.6˝)

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