ELKO EP North America

ELKO EP North America is a new addition to ELKO EP Holding. With 15 years of OEM expertise and private label success in the region, we are embarking on a new venture – proudly bringing the globally recognized ELKO brand directly to distributors all across North America.

With our headquarters nestled in the vibrant city of Miami, FL, we also operate offices in Chicago, IL, and have a strategically located warehouse in Louisville, KY, ensuring prompt service and product availability.

While our North American operations continue to thrive, our global reach is expansive. As OEM partners, we collaborate with renowned entities worldwide, underscoring our global expertise and commitment to excellence.  Our products are recognized for quality, holding UL, CE and EAC certifications.


A Member of ELKO EP Holding

ELKO EP has been your partner in the field for 30 years, developing and manufacturing the highest quality electronic devices for electroinstallation and smart systems for residential and building automation.

Millions of relays, thousands of smart homes, hundreds of buildings, and many satisfied customers – this is ELKO EP, a traditional company based in the center of Europe, where our own development, production, logistics, and service are at the forefront of our focus.

Jan PacovskyCEO of ELKO EP North Americapacovsky@elkoepna.com+1 (608)746-1332

Jiri KonecnyCEO of ELKO EP Holding

Global Export Markets
Branches Worldwide
Million USD Turnover

Important milestones of ELKO EP company

  • Jiri Konecny kick-starts a business in his garage.

  • ELKO EP is born, formally establishing the company.

  • ELKO EP Slovakia opens, marking the start of exports.

  • iNELS BUS, the intelligent electroinstallation, hits the market.

  • The company expands, adding a new hall and a Research and Development department, and earns the UL certificate for the USA.

  • The market welcomes iNELS RF, a wireless control intelligent electroinstallation.

  • ELKO EP earns accolades as the Company of the Year in the Zlín region and secures 2nd place in the Company of the Czech Republic awards.

  • Wireless system iNELS stands out, winning the esteemed Visionary 2015 award.

  • ELKO EP unveils its own test lab and receives an award for the iNELS Future office.

  • The Smart pole becomes a foundational pillar of the Smart City initiative.

  • Manufacturing achievement: The world's smallest central unit, the miniCU (CU3-07), is created.

  • Innovation in hand: The RF Key key fob gets a sleek design overhaul and the RFGB controllers showcase an elegant new look.

  • Product evolution continues with the RF Touch and Thermovalve RFATV-2 innovations.



In our journey towards creating innovative electronic solutions, we're honored to collaborate with an exceptional array of business partners. Explore the esteemed companies that align with ELKO EP to shape the future of industrial, commercial, and residential automation: