Voltage monitoring relay in 3P

3-wire, adjustable UV, phase failure/sequence,

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  • Relay monitors phase sequence and failure (e.g. control of correct motor winding etc.).
  • Relay is designated for monitoring of 3-phase networks.
  • Supply from all phases which means that relay is functional also in case of one phase failure.
  • Supply and monitored supply Un:
    1-MODULE                                         3-MODULE
    HRN-56/208 – 3x 208 V                      HRN-56/480 – 3x 480 V
    HRN-56/240 – 3x 240 V                      HRN-56/575 – 3x 575 V
    HRN-56/400 – 3x 400 V
  • Fixed time delay T1 (500 ms) and adjustable time delay T2 (0 -10 s).

Technical parameters

  • Umin: 70 – 95% of monitored voltage.
  • Output contact: 1x changeover 8 A/250 V AC1 (AgNi, 2500 VA).
  • 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting (HRN-56/480 a HRN-56/575 in 3-MODULE design).

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Additional information

Monitored Voltage

120V, 208V, 240V, 400V, 480V, 575V