Installation contactor

4x25A NO/NC/Combination

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  • For switching of electric circuits, especially for resistave loads and three-phase induction motors.
  • Switches higher loads, especially in other categories like AC-1.
  • Cover IP20, IP40 protection caps of all contactor terminals are shipped to order.

Technical parameters

  • Universal supply voltage AC/DC 12 – 240 V or AC 230 V.
  • It is produced in configuration of switching and breaking contacts: 40, 31, 22, 04.
  • Number of contacts: 4.
  • 2-MODULE, DIN rail or pannel mountaing.

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Additional information

Supply Voltage

230V AC/DC, 120V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC, 230V AC, 120V AC, 110V AC, 24V AC


2 x NO, 2x NC, 3x NO, 1x NC, 4x NO, 4x NC